Marion O’Hara

Community winner

Current Staff

Marion O’Hara has been an integral part of City’s community for almost 25 years; supporting staff as a professionally trained mentor, improving processes both within Finance and outside her department, and as chair of City of London Academy Islington’s Finance Committee. As Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Marion has an in-depth knowledge of City’s processes and a commitment to ensuring we are efficient and effective in the use of our resources. She is sought out by staff from across City for her guidance and help with navigating complex issues. No matter how busy she is, Marion always makes time to support colleagues. Through professional mentorship, Marion has helped develop many members of staff from across City, including professional services directors and senior members of the Finance team. She lives City’s values and is dedicated to embedding these throughout the University and beyond. She contributes positively to the local community and is a valued member of City of London Academy Islington’s governing body, a local school which City co-sponsors, as well as Chair of the school’s Finance Committee.