Miss A.M. Tuck

Community winner

Past Staff

Miss A. M. Tuck was the second Lady Superintendent appointed in 1898 to oversee City’s Domestic Economy Classes and the Women's Trade Classes. She promoted equality and was responsible for all matters, educational and social, connected with women attending the then Northampton Institute. Through her work, Miss Tuck demonstrated her beliefs in equality and access for women of all classes at the Institute. In a report from 1908 she stated that whether students or members of the public, “the social work on the women’s side” existed for the purpose of promoting social intercourse between young women of various ages and backgrounds. She believed this would brighten their lives, by introducing them to simple and healthy recreations which would offer mental, physical and emotional benefit. Miss Tuck helped create an environment at the “Northampton” that many of the women members at the time regarded as a second home, coming to classes several times a week when business hours were over. She championed entertainment for everyone in the community, stating: “There are no reserved seats, a regulation which tends to discourage snobbery and to promote the democratic sociability of all classes.”