Professor Leslie T G Clarke

Enterprise winner

Past Staff

Professor Leslie T G Clarke, a former Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Head of the Computer Unit, oversaw the installation of the first computer at City. Secured on permanent loan from the National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), Professor Clarke lead a new phase of technology at City with the installation of the Ferranti Pegasus digital electronic computer in 1957. He supervised the running of the Pegasus, selling surplus time to external researchers. This enterprising approach ensured maximum research value from the computer, as well as generating £76,000 in rental revenues – more than covering the cost of the machine itself. Following on from the successful installation of the Pegasus, Professor Clarke headed the introduction of further computers such as the digital ICT 1905 series in 1965 and the EAI 690 hybrid computer system 1968. The latter being the first of its kind in the UK and one of the most powerful systems in the country at the time. Professor Clarke became Head of the Computer Unit in 1967, before passing away in 1974 – but is greatly remembered for bringing technology to City.